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South Pharmaceutical is a leading producer of paclitaxel and its intermediates in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. It is the developer of the national standard "Technical Regulations for the Cultivation of Taxus mairei and Paclitaxel Raw Material Forests in the South," and one of the largest planting bases for Taxus mairei and production bases for paclitaxel and its intermediates in China. The company emphasizes technological innovation and the construction of its research and development team, holding 8 PCT international invention patents and 23 Chinese invention patents.

South Pharmaceutical has a strong sense of social responsibility, focusing on environmental protection and green development. It has a comprehensive environmental management and occupational health and safety management system (EHS system).






Fujian South Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 831207) was established in September 2001. It is committed to the research and production of anti-tumor drugs, with paclitaxel as its representative, and is a GMP pharmaceutical enterprise integrating drug planting, research, production, and sales. The company's two factory areas, Xuefeng and Hanxian, cover a total area of 131,000 square meters and have a 4,000-acre high-quality southern yew planting base.


Enterprise Development History